Personalized Direct Mail Catalogs for Black-Owned DTC Brands

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Ready to engage customers on a new level? The MyDTCCatalog Club provides select elite DTC brands with exclusive access, resources, and incentives to succeed with tailored print catalogs.
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Exclusive Membership Benefits

15% off print/mail services for your catalogs

Slash catalog print and mail costs to maximize your marketing ROI. Our discounted club rates empower you to print more catalogs and drive results.

Full library of professional InDesign catalog templates

Access our library of hundreds of polished InDesign templates to showcase your products in style. Choose from various layouts, edit text and images, and make each catalog your own.

Private online community forum for members

Connect with fellow member brands in our private online community. Exchange strategies, showcase results, gain insights, and build relationships to grow together.

Live weekly training sessions and Q&As

Learn from print marketing experts during our weekly live trainings. Ask anything during interactive Q&As tailored to your brand's needs. Take your catalog strategy further.

On-demand video courses on print marketing

Dive into our video course library any time. Learn the secrets of direct mail at your own pace through our bite-sized video lessons and actionable guides.

1:1 coaching sessions option (add-on cost)

Work directly with print marketing pros 1:1 to finesse your catalog campaigns. Add personalized coaching sessions for hands-on help with design, mail setup, metrics and more.
My DTC Catalog™ Club

Membership Requirements

Minimum 200+ Customers

Scale your success. Established brands with 200+ current customers gain entry into our club community.

At Least 10 Products Listed Online

Show off your product line. An online store with 10+ products lets you create compelling catalogs that convert.

Active WooCommerce-Based Website

Integrate seamlessly. WooCommerce stores enable smooth catalog personalization with your live product data.

USA-Based DTC E-commerce Business

Made for US brands. We focus on providing domestic DTC brands with our catalog tools, resources and support.

Exclusive Benefits for Top DTC Brands

Ready to reach new heights? Apply for the MyDTCCatalog Club today and step into the inner circle of elite brands leveraging print's potential.

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