Personalized Direct Mail Catalogs for Black-Owned DTC Brands

Our Mission and Vision


To revolutionize direct marketing for black-owned DTC brands by making innovative, data-driven print marketing achievable and effective. We empower modern black-owned companies to nurture customer relationships and build loyalty through ultra-personalized catalogs and mailers that drive growth.


Our vision is a future where print complements digital channels, enabling black-owned DTC brands to cut through noise and authentically engage their audience. We strive to lead the print marketing industry by developing accessible technology that harnesses the power of personalized variable data and expert creative design. We imagine a world where print is redefined by its ability to create tangible human connections that foster community., Inc. is located at 1871 in The MART Building

About My DTC Catalog™

MyDTCCatalog started with a simple idea - that in today’s digital age, print’s personal touch could still make an impact. We’re on a mission to revolutionize direct marketing by helping niche DTC brands forge lasting connections with customers through innovative print catalogs.

Founded in January 2023 by industry veteran E. Danté Hamilton, our Chicago-based startup transforms print from static to dynamic. Our easy-to-use web-to-print platform seamlessly turns product data into stunning catalogs tailored to each recipient’s unique interests and purchase history.

We believe personalized print complements digital channels, helping modern brands stand out. Our technology handles every step, making it simple to:

  • Upload customer data

  • Design fresh catalogs with variable templates

  • Automate and scale production

  • Print through major workflows

  • Mail via USPS for reduced postage

  • Track performance analytics

At MyDTCCatalog, we don’t see print as old-school. We see its return as inevitable. Print provides a tangible way to share stories, evoke emotion, and drive loyalty in the digital era. Our team combines decades of experience with cutting-edge technology to usher in this new age of personalized print.

We’re excited to partner with forward-thinking DTC brands ready to ignite consumer passion and reach new heights. Let’s explore the future of print...together.

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