Personalized Direct-Mail Catalogs for Black-Owned DTC Brands

Is My Black-Owned, Direct-To-Consumer Brand Struggling To Keep Customers Engaged?

Many Black-owned businesses are facing the same challenge – how to convert occasional buyers into loyal repeat customers.
That’s why we created – an innovative web-to-print, SaaS customer retention solution designed specifically for Black-owned brands.

Let's Go Deeper

For Black-Owned DTC Brands, the constant challenge of customer churn and one-time purchases eats away at growth over time. In an increasingly crowded digital marketplace, forming lasting connections and cultivating true loyalty can feel impossible. Churn Rate

Customer Churn

The constant challenge of customer churn and one-time purchases - losing customers quickly erodes growth. - Digital Media Overload

Digital Overload

Difficulty forming lasting connections and cultivating loyalty amidst online saturation and digital overload.
MyDTCCatalog - Black-Owned Business

Customer Retention

Lack of effective customer retention tools tailored to the needs of black-owned brands specifically.

Direct Mail Out Performs Digital Media

The 2022 ANA Response Rate Report shows direct mail return on investment surpasses digital mediums.
Direct MailProspect Lists:
Letter-Sized Envelopes
EmailProspect Lists32%
Social Media AdvertisingGeneral29%
Paid SearchBranded Keywords27%
Digital Display AdvertisingGeneral15%
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Black-Owned DTC Brands FREE Catalog Offer

Black-Owned DTC Brands: Get a FREE Catalog

Be one of the first 5 black-owned DTC brands to get a personalized print catalog designed, printed, and mailed to your customers absolutely FREE. With real examples and data, see firsthand how print can captivate customers.
Why Personalized Direct-Mail Catalogs?
Print complements your digital presence. Catalogs tailored to each recipient's purchase history and interests feel like a gift and prompt action. Direct mail also drives 3X higher response rates than digital channels alone.

Discover why print is far from dead.
Get 1 of the Last 2 Slots Available.
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Deadline October 31, 2023
Coming October 30th, 2023

The My DTC Catalog™ Onboarding Website

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new DTC Brand Onboarding Website at on October 30th!

This innovative site will guide the 5 selected Black-Owned DTC Brands through our exclusive catalog accelerator program step-by-step. It provides everything they need to bring their print catalog vision to life. Coming October 30, 2023

Key features of the Onboarding Website include:

  1. Welcome page explaining the catalog creation process

  2. Checklists for required info and assets to gather

  3. Easy booking for kickoff and consultation calls

  4. Pages outlining catalog design, data integration, and launch

  5. Downloadable PDFs like program checklists

  6. Project Management account tools, like Calendars, Uploads, Messaging and More!

With this intuitive site, brands can easily begin their catalog development journey. Our goal is to make it simple to create beautiful, results-driven catalogs tailored specifically for their business and audience.

We can’t wait for you to explore the site starting October 30th! Let the catalog creation process begin!

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  1. I have a WooCommerce Online Store in the USA

  2. My store is live online with at least 10 products

  3. I have at least 200 customers. USPS Marketing Mail requires 200 minimum mail pieces.